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I'm a developer based in Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently employed writing and maintaining a web application for a small Australian based company, but automation, software development and music are my passions. My journey into software development came as a swerve from Bioinformatics, where I was working to processing huge-scale cellular image data on HPC systems.

I hope to prove to you that the most inhuman of processes can produce beautiful, abstract results. This website will function as a landing page for my current programming endeavours. Please feel free to use them for your own works, and don't be afraid to get in touch for any reason.

What do I do?


Quadbike | Squelch | TMWW | 88756 | Coming Soon


Automatic Music Video Generator

Quadbike is an automatic music video generator; a full stack web application that provides unique and dynamic visualisations generated in direct response to provided audio files. It's intended for use by musicians who need a quick, generative music video to release alongside their work.

Quadbike has an active discord, and currently costs $9 to use for a 3 hour time slot. Making this video generation process scale horizontally (it can handle 300 video requests simultaneously) was one of my most memorable learning achievements.

Examples of Quadbike Output


Live Visual Performance Tool

Squelch is a live visual performance tool, intended for use by creatives who like to create and mix video effects on the fly. The online mode features footage generated by Quadbike and served via a CDN (Amazon Cloudflare) for optimal results, whereas the offline version allows users to use their own footage.

You can even connect your Novation Launchpad (a MIDI controller) for extra style points.

The Machines Will Win

Automatic YouTube Channel

The Machines Will Win is a YouTube channel that is currently 90% autonomous. Video generation is handled by Quadbike while uploads and marketing (sharing to websites such as Reddit) are handled by command line scripts and various APIs.


The 88756 project is a deep passion of mine - It's essentially an output for my music with a more interesting pitch.


After some plausible backstory the 88756 program was born - the first computer algorithm to be truly indistinguishable from man. Designed to explore concepts such as individuality and what it means to be human, it quickly adopted a creative pursuit in techno. 2019 saw the release of a slur of EPs and a full length studio album, while some of it's more pleasing creations made their way to Otomotrax (Netherlands) and Insane Industry (Italy).

The first three years of life have produced half a dozen EPs and a full-length album, releasing outputs on international labels including Soma electro sub-label Avoidant, Otomotrax, Insane Industry and Rave Session, as well as local imprints Connection Verified (Melbourne) and GRIT (Perth). The last public appearance was a hypnotic 3 deck blend supporting Stef Mendesidis at the Rechabite.

Coming Soon:


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